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5 Quick and Easy Ways to Make Cash This Week!

5 Quick and Easy Ways to Make Cash This Week

Hey ladies! We could all use some extra money, right? Holidays, birthdays, unexpected repairs – just a few things that make us wish we had a little more money! I’ve been there too, and here are some of the best ways I’ve found to make cash quickly.

Make cash fast

1)Sell Your Kids’ Stuff!

Do you have a local Once Upon a Child store? I buy so many things for my kids at these stores, it’s crazy. The workers KNOW me at 4 different locations…that’s ridiculous! But serious, they have amazing prices on practically everything your kids need(besides food!). And the best part is, they buy it from other parents like you! So, go through your kids’ ¬†toys and clothes, and do some weeding out. If something doesn’t fit or get played with anymore, set it aside. Take all of those unwanted items to your local Once Upon a Child and they will give you cash on the spot. Note: if you have teenagers, take their clothes and shoes to Plato’s Closet instead. It’s the same concept, but for older kids.

2)Have a Garage Sale!

It’s not that hard. I’m sure you have plenty of things laying around that are not being used. We sure do! About once a year, I get in a major cleaning mode and start taking things out to the garage. Do you have some cheesy decorations, or a box of wall hangings that aren’t being used? What about those old clothes that we keep thinking we will fit back into one day…why not just reward ourselves with a few new things when that “one day” comes?! In the meantime, let’s get rid of that huge pile of clothes that we can’t fit into. We could use the closet space anyway. And how many kitchen items could you immediately think of that haven’t been used in months or years? Your junk can become someone else’s treasure…or dust collector. Either way, round up all of those unused items, put up some poster board signs a few days in advance, and set up your garage for some money-making!

3)Find a Local New Uses Store

Don’t have enough junk for a yard sale yet? New Uses a great second hand store that gives you cash for household items. This isn’t the place to sell your old clothes and shoes, but it’s a way to get rid of that old bookshelf that’s been sitting idle in the corner for the last 4 years. I have sold a lot of furniture to New Uses, along with dishes, movies, and decorations. They will even buy things like tools and vacuums. So if you just have a handful of items, bring them by your local New Uses and get some quick cash.

4)Sell Something on eBay!

You would really be surprised at the things people buy on eBay. A half-used bottle of expensive cologne? A broken camera(for parts)? An ugly Christmas sweater? Seriously, I have sold some pretty crazy things on eBay to make a quick dollar…or 100. You can list up to 50 items for free each month. eBay takes a small portion of your sale price, and so does PayPal, but your profit will more than make up for it. This is one of my favorite ways to make cash.

5)Have a Bake Sale

Your kids are adorable, and people will gladly purchase a cookie from a cute kid. So why not?! Choose some inexpensive items to bake, such as cookies, cupcakes, and brownies. Check the clearance section at your local grocer or Walmart, because this is a great place to find baking mixes for CHEAP. Also, make some store-brand lemonade to wash down those goodies and add to your profit. The only other things you will need are some small paper plates or plastic baggies, and paper cups. Set up a table in your driveway, or in a community area in your neighborhood, and make a simple “bake sale” sign. Voila!

I hope these ideas help you make cash this week! How have you made a quick buck before? If you have an interesting method to add, share in the comments below! And don’t forget to subscribe, so you can get more money making tips in the future!


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