Letter of the Week Shadow Matching Game

Letter of the Week Printable Shadow Matching Game

Recently my almost-2-year-old, Radar, started showing an great interest in letters, so I decided it was time to begin some formal lessons with him. He picked up quickly on the activities, and now it is official – we are homeschool preschooling! These letter matching games have been a favorite so far. He always gets super excited the first time he matches items for a new letter. It’s so cute to see the pride he takes in his accomplishments! Remember, for tiny people, it’s a big deal. This letter of the week printable is a great activity to get your little ones excited about learning the alphabet!


Letter A matching game printabel

Benefits of Shadow Matching Games

Matching is one of the very first steps to beginning math skills. It helps young children to compare and contrast items, and sort things into categories. When matching a completely colored object to a monotone shadow of the same object, the toddler is forced to pay more attention to the details of the shape. This helps them to focus on characteristics other than just color. Also, this is a great way for your little ones to expand their vocabulary, as some of the objects they are matching may be unfamiliar. And most importantly, it’s a great opportunity for you to spend 10-15 minutes of quality time with your toddler!

How to Present a Shadow Matching Game to Your Toddler

Letter A Matching Game Presentation

Use the link below to print off a copy of the colored page and the shadow page. Cut out the colored objects as neatly as possible. This is why I make simple images for these activities! Place the shadow page on your child’s desk or working tray, and place the colored pieces around it. (Note: If you plan on reusing these games, you may want to consider laminating the printouts. Just make sure to cut out the colored pieces before you laminate!)

They often enjoy exploring and talking about the pictures at first. Once you have helped them to name all of the objects, they are ready to match them to their shadows. Depending on your child’s skill level, you may choose to assist them by asking simple questions like: “What goes right here?” or “Can you show me where the apple goes?” If they are self motivated, they may quickly match all of the items on their own. Either way, it is a great way to sit down with your child for a few minutes and practice new letter sounds and learn new words. Afterwards, Radar will go through his books and toys and try to find some of the objects, pridefully reciting, “A-A-Apple!” or “Ta-Ta-Truck!” Celebrate with your child as they solidify their new knowledge – it will motivate them to continue learning!

Free Printable Link!

Okay so here it is! Click on the link below to print off your FREE copy of this fun little matching game. Let me know what you (and your little ones) think!

Letter A Matching Game

I hope you and your toddler enjoy this! Next week I will post a new letter of the week printable, so stay tuned, and don’t forget to subscribe!

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