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How I Started a Blog While Working From Home with 2 Under 2

How I Started a Blog While Working From Home with 2 Under 2!

It’s no joke – I really did! And so can you! Are you a mom who wishes she could start a blog, but already feels stretched in too many different directions? So am I! But I just managed to start a blog in less than 2 weeks, while already working from home WITH my 2 boys under 2 years old! It was nowhere near as difficult as I thought it would be, because I found the most AMAZING resource EVER!

Even busy moms can start a blog with this great step-by-step method.
Feel like you don't have the time you need to start a blog? You can do it - I'll tell you how!


Start a Blog | Mom Blog | Blogging for Beginners | Find out how I started a blog while my schedule was already packed. You should start a blog too!

Juggling Responsibilities is Tough Stuff

I have spent the last 2 years working at home as an independent contractor for a web search engine. I started building an online business while pregnant with our first son, and was able to leave my corporate job when maternity leave began. 9 months ago, our second boy arrived, and it got even crazier around here!
Being a full time mom is hard enough – adding work (or anything else, for that matter!) is insane. Blogging is a great option, because you can actually do something enjoyable. It’s hard to imagine yourself managing a blog on top of everything else, but you can definitely do it.


My Blogging Journey Beginnings – Epic Fail!

I began my blogging research journey 2 1/2 years ago. Several different sites came up with a lot of information about starting a money-making blog. I chose one that seemed legitimate: the guy had published a book, and there were some positive reviews on the site. So I forked out about $80 to get access to his online course material for starting a money-making website or blog.

Fail. The course was definitely detailed, and could help a technologically challenged individual (like me!) to build a website from scratch. BUT, it missed the whole point: have fun and help your readers! It focused mainly on posting ads on your pages and using tricky keywords to get people to come to your site. The main point SHOULD be: make an awesome website, promote it properly, and people will come!

Instead, I managed to build a tiny website with a legit domain, and made about 5 crummy pages of info about a certain line of products. The “blog” had ads pasted all over it, and looked scammy. Because it obviously was! I followed the instructions in the course, but they told me how to make a scammy site to simply lure users to click on ads…what a waste! And he walked away happily with my $80!

When I realized what it was all about, I gave up and decided blogging was not for me. Several months ago, after seeing some great pins on popular moms Pinterest boards, my curiosity was sparked again. I began reading blog posts about moms who were making great income, and their sites were fantastic! Most of them didn’t even have ads! That was the opposite of what I had learned. If so many moms were running successful blogs, there must be a better resource out there.

Side note: If blogging is beginning to sound good to you, you can get hosting HERE for as low as $3.45/month! That’s less than 50 bucks/year!

Work From Home

The Most Amazing Blog Resource

After seeing legitimate income reports for multiple mom bloggers, I decided to give it another try. I started following mom blog boards and reading countless posts about starting one. They all sounded great, but it still seemed impossible to do while working from home with my boys – 23 months and 9 months.

One book kept popping up and getting awesome reviews, so I purchased it for download, for less than 20 bucks! SCORE!!!! It was the answer.


Blog by Number by Suzi Whitford is hands-down THE BEST mom blog-building resource there is. No joke. She breaks down each and every step into even smaller steps, so that everything is bite-sized and doable! If you have even one hour today, you could complete the first step! Some steps only take 10-15 minutes, which is totally doable during your toddler’s lunchtime. Within 2 weeks, you could have a real blog of your own!

By following Suzi’s simple, step-by-step method, I was able to start this blog from scratch in ELEVEN DAYS…WHILE working my home-based job AND taking care of my boys! BOOM! Go Suzi! You rock!

She tells you everything. How to get a host and domain, how to make pinnable images, how to get traffic, how to make money…she even gives you tons of blog post ideas for when your mommy brain is failing you! What more could you ask for? The proof is in the page you’re on! 11 days, 6 posts, 1 crazy busy mom, 2 boys under 2, and 1 brand-spanking-new blog!

You can do it ALL with this super simple method!

Blog By Number

Get it, ladies! Here it is! In 2 weeks, you’ll be flipping over how easy it was…or kicking yourself for not starting now! Click on any of the hyperlinks in this post to go directly to Suzi’s blog to download her super-amazing e-book. Then let me know when you get your new blog up and running. I can’t wait to see how many more moms like me are able to realize their blog dream, thanks to Blog by Number!

Also, check out my post on 8 Steps to Take Before You Start a Blog, so you you can be ready to roll!

You can also get hosting for as low as $3.45/month through Bluehost HERE! It will be one of the best investments you ever make!


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