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5 Tips for Taking Awesome Photos for Your Blog

5 Tips for Taking Awesome Photos for Your Blog

One of the most important things for having a successful blog is taking awesome photos. Hello! What’s the first thing that catches your eye when you look at a new blog? If you glance and see impressive photos, you’re sure to take a second look. On the other hand, who takes the time to look further when the photos aren’t so great? If you need some help taking awesome photos for your blog, follow these helpful tips and you will be sure to have eye-catching results!

 Photo Taking Tips


Use thee 5 simple tips to improve your photo quality! Taking pictures for your blog doesn't have to be complicated, but these tweaks can make a big difference in your photo quality...

1) Choose the Right Background

The background really makes a huge difference in the quality of your photos. When photographing objects, try to use a clean and uniform background when possible. Always avoid clutter, unless that is the point of your photo. Try different colors, as this can completely change the look of your image. Check out these 2 chicken photos below. The same plate of chicken is being used on the same table, with the same lighting. One is taken on a white cloth, and the other is photographed on a place mat with the table showing. Honestly, which one looks more appealing? The clean white background brightens up the photo and makes the dish look more enticing. Not to mention, it is definitely more professional.
Raw chicken on a table

Raw chicken on white plate










A great way to get a uniform background is using a clean white sheet or a piece of fabric. When photographing small objects, you can use a box or tri-fold display board to drape the cloth over. This way, your items can be placed on the same material that will be used for the background. Be sure to smooth the bumps in the fabric, and iron if necessary. Creases can ruin your photo! See how I took this adorable photo for my teething post? I simply draped a bright piece of fabric over a box on my kitchen table. You can see the bumps in the left photo. Simply smooth these out with your hand, just prior to snapping the picture.


 Monkey squeak Toy Photo taking tips


2) Use Indirect Natural Light

The lighting can make or break a photo. Take a look at this example:


Natural Light for pictures
Need I say more? Natural light is always better for photos than artificial light sources, but make sure you are snapping those pictures in the indirect light. Bright, direct sunlight can drown out colors and cast unwanted shadows. If you are taking outdoor photos, try to schedule them for an overcast day to. Indoors, set up your scene near a window or glass door, and make sure the sun is not shining directly onto your photographing area. The soft, indirect natural light will give you the sharpest images and richest colors.

3) Use Your Zoom

Don’t be afraid to use your zoom button! This is especially true when photographing small objects. If you are using a basic camera, your photos may turn out blurry when you are too close to the object. Back away a bit and zoom in for a clearer result. And when you go to crop your photos, zoom in! Crop out all of the unwanted distractions and really focus in on the main message. Let’s go back to the chicken for a minute to test out this concept…

Raw chicken closeup

Raw chicken on white plate









When you zoom in, it makes a statement to the viewer. The photo on the right is more likely to catch your eye. Try zooming in more and less until you find the perfect shot.

4) Shoot from Different Perspectives

If you have ever stood next to a large building or statue, you can really appreciate this concept. The Eiffel Tower looks completely different when you are standing at the bottom looking up, than when you are viewing it from a distance. If you are interested in taking awesome photos, get familiar with your subjects. Stand back and study them, then move in close. Try shooting from higher and lower angles, from the left and right, and straight on.
Photographing from above

Monkey squeak Toy







Nothing was moved between these two shots. I simply took them from different positions. As you can see, looking down on an object gives you a much less personal feel than shooting from the object’s level. Take a few minutes to walk around your photo subjects before you pick up your camera. And feel free to take 47 shots of the same scene if you want! Sometimes a slight angle adjustment can take a photo from average to epic.

5) Use Free Editing Software

You don’t have to spend a fortune to edit your photos, as there are some great FREE photo editing programs out there. Many people use PicMonkey. Personally, I prefer PhotoScape. There are tons of film effects, filters, and other fun options to really enhance your photos. Watch what happen when 2 simple edits are applied to this photo:
Tea glasses and notebook

Notebook with mug and glasses








Both pictures are blog worthy, but the point is: you can really change the look of your photos with free effects. It all depends on what you are trying to communicate to your readers. So download a free photo editing program and test out the settings to see what you can come up with. It can really flare up the character of your pics.

Even a novice can begin taking awesome photos by following these 5 simple tips. Let me know if you have other questions about taking great shots for your blog, and don’t forget to subscribe to receive more helpful mommy blogger tips!

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