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A Prayer For My Son

A Prayer For My Son

Before my first child was ever born, I began praying for him. At first, I prayed mostly for his health and well being. As time went by, I began forming hopes and dreams for his life, and my prayers really expanded. I would pray for his heart, for his relationship with God, for wisdom to guide him, and for his future. So many new things would come to mind as I prayed, so I started jotting down the most important ones. After a while, I put my prayer notes together and wrote out a prayer for my son.


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Prayer is Crucial in Parenting

Why should we pray specific prayers for our children? For me, it was simple: I can’t do this alone! There are going to be so many things in our children’s lives that we cannot control. A few good examples are their health, their heart, and their choices. It’s our job to teach them the right things to do, to show them how to love the Lord, and to do our best to keep them safe and healthy. But the rest is in God’s hands…so we need to make a habit of praying for them. We also need to pray for the wisdom and patience that being a mom requires. If we try to do this parenting thing on our own, we will fail. But with the Lord’s help, we can raise up mighty young men of God!


Praying for Our Boys to Become Real Men

In today’s society, men are made to be a laughing stock. We see tons of popular television shows portraying weak, immoral, and feminine men. Where did the days of Little House on the Prairie and The Waltons go?! Men aren’t perceived as being those hard working and moralistic figures any more. There is no chivalry, no character, no responsibility. Nowadays, our society views men as being overgrown boys: lazy, irresponsible, and dependent. Do we want our boys growing up with that perception? I think not! Besides surrounding our sons with positive male influences, the only other thing we can do is to cover them in prayer. We need to pray for every aspect of their lives, as we strive to teach them the ways of the Lord, and trust in Him to mold them into real men.

I am going to share with you a very personal prayer that I wrote for my sons. Hopefully it will encourage you to cover your boys in prayer, and highlight some areas that you may not have thought of yet. Let’s fight for our sons together, and strive to raise up a new generation of godly men!


A Prayer for My Son

Dear Heavenly Father,

Thank You for my precious little boy. Please bless this sweet child of mine and keep him close to your heart. Cover him with Your love and fill his life with Your presence. Draw his heart to You at a very young age, and help him to follow after You with all his heart, for all the days of his life.

May he fall deeply in love with You and be a mighty warrior for Your Kingdom; a man after Your own heart. Teach him Your ways and give him a passion for Your Word.

Equip me to raise him in accordance with You Word, that he may be a man of honor, integrity, strength, wisdom and grace. Show me how to help mold him into a hard worker, a respecter of women, and a lover of God his Savior.

Fill him with Your love and with compassion for others, so he always protects the least of these. Help him to find his identity in You and never feel insecure under the pressures of this world. Surround him with peers and role models who will strengthen his walk with You.

Set him free from every generational curse in his family and let him never be bound by those chains, since he has been bought with the precious blood of Jesus Christ. Keep him pure and undefiled for the wife that You have already chosen for him, so he and his future children will be spared the heartache that comes from living outside Your will.

Give him wisdom and discernment, and the strength to fight for what is right. Bless him with health and length of days, and teach him to care for his body as a living temple of the Holy Spirit.

When he is afraid, help him to put his trust in You. When he is unsure of which path to take, let Your Word be the lamp that sheds light to guide him. When he is lonely or faces heartache, let him feel You near and remember that You are with him through it all. When trials come, may he cling to You, his Rock.

No matter what, may he worship You in spirit and in truth. Let him truly experience the awesome glory of Your holy presence when he is young, so that he continuously thirsts for more of You. May he be filled with Your joy and bring You glory, living out the calling that You placed on his life before he was ever born.

May he never doubt your love for him, and may he rejoice in the heavenly banquet when his time on earth is through. May he hear You say to him, “Well done,” for he will have fought the good fight and finished the race. Lord, I place my son in Your hands. Fill him with Your Holy Spirit and use him for Your glory, in the mighty name of Jesus.



Prayer for sons


Pray for Your Sons!

Okay ladies, if you haven’t begun a normal prayer routine for your children, don’t dwell on that…just begin today. The greatest thing we can do for our children is to pray for them. Let’s lift up our sons and pray for every aspect of their lives, as we strive to be the best moms that we can be!

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