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9 Reasons Why You Are the Best Mom

9 Reasons Why You Are the Best Mom

Every mom struggles with feeling like she is enough. We all feel like we could do a better job with our kids. And sadly, many other women think THEY could do a better job with our kids! But don’t let the negativity make you feel like you are doing something wrong in your parenting style. There are many ways to mother our children, and there is no wrong way as long as we are doing it in love. I’m going to share 9 reasons why you are the best mom for your children.

You are the BEST mom. Don't let anyone tell you you're not doing a good job with your kids! If you're doing your best, then you're the best.

Being a Mom is Tough Stuff

Why is it that some women suddenly think they are a parenting expert when they become a mom? They are the ones whose whispers and glares you fear…when you pull out a bottle, when your baby screams, when your toddler throws a fit in the middle of Walmart, when you grab the store brand of baby food. Been there?

There are constant battles between the way we feed our babies, whether we work from home or at an office, how we tote our children from one place to another, how much screen time we allow (if any), etc., etc., etc. The list could go on forever.

Not all moms are that way, but some can be really judgmental and make it hard on those of us who are trying our best to raise our children well.

As tempting as it is to let the pressure of others’ opinions get to you, don’t let it! You are doing what is best for your child, according to the best of your knowledge. If you are one of those moms who feels like you are the victim of disapproving glares, read on to discover 9 reasons why YOU are the best mom for your children…not those dis-approvers.

1) Yours is the voice that calms them

Not mine! Not Mrs. Perfect Mom’s! Yours. No matter what another mom thinks of your parenting style, YOU are the best mom for your child. Since the time they are babies, it is your voice that calms them.

You may just speak softly to your little ones, or firmly reassure them that you are there. It may be that your lullabies put them to sleep. Or the sound of your voice reading helps them to relax.

Many times, Daddy can’t even do it…your voice is the only trick in the book that will soothe your little one. Think about that and smile. Your children love you.

2) You know them like nobody else does

Whether you have one child or 12, if they are 2 days old or 10 years old, you know them better than anyone else in this world does. You know what makes them tick. You know what they need. Even if you’re still getting to know your new arrival, you already know them better than those moms at the supermarket.

You know that your little boy has a sensory processing disorder, and the smallest amount of dirt on his fingers will throw him into a raging fit. You know that your daughter is suddenly extremely whiny because she’s adapting to her new sibling. You know that you can’t nurse your newborn because he is sensitive to milk proteins.

Guess what? Those ladies who are making you feel insecure about those things DON’T know your children. They don’t understand their needs or their wants, and they don’t know what they struggle with. Therefore, they have no right to judge.

You are handling each of these situations the best way you know possible. So hold your head up and keep doing what you’re doing.

3) They look to you for help

When your baby is hungry, when your new walker stumbles, when your little boy scrapes his knee…who do they turn to? That’s right…you. They look to you for comfort. When their cup is empty, when their toy breaks, and when they can’t figure out how to put something back together, they look to you for help.

No matter how good that other mom is to her kids, she just won’t do for yours. They need you. That is what you need to keep reminding yourself of. Mommy – their own mommy – is just what your children need.

4) You have always been there

Now THAT’S something another mom can’t say! And of course there are situations where a mom may not have been there from the first moments – some babies spend a lot of time in the NICU, and other situations out of the mom’s control – so please don’t allow yourself to feel guilty over these things if that’s you! You’ve still been there as long as you possibly could…and longer than anyone else!

5) God chose YOU for the job

No matter how you look at it, God chose you to be the mom for your children. Yes, even if they are adopted. If He thought Mrs. So-and-So could do a better job with them, they would have ended up with her. He gave you the heart and the skills to be the best mom for your kids. If you feel like you’re not measuring up, ask Him to help you – and He surely will!


Watch your little ones grow...


6) You’re the one making memories

Sure, that mom over there looks like she’s got it all together. Her kids are behaving as well as they are dressed, and it looks like a possible Kodak moment. But she’s not the one making memories with your little ones. Your kids aren’t going to remember her when they are older – they will remember those precious moments with you.

The quality time you spend with your children is what really matters in the long run. Those memories will last for a lifetime.

7) You have the mom sense

It’s something we joke about until we become mothers. The 6th sense that moms have…somehow they know when their kids are in danger, or are up to no good, or have something exciting to tell them. I can’t tell you how many times my mom knew something without me telling her.

And now you have it. But it only works for your own children, not for others’. Those other moms don’t get that feeling in their gut about your child like you do. You’re wired that way – it’s a connection you will always have with your children, long after they leave the nest.

8) You’re more focused than they are

Those moms who are giving you the eye – they are obviously too concerned about things that don’t matter. They should be spending their time, energy, and thoughts on their own children instead of judging you. You’re doing it the right way by focusing on your own children and trying to do your best for them. So keep it up!

9) Because I said so!

Congratulations! As a mom, you have now earned the right to say what you heard for so many years: “Because I said so!” Let’s put it to use real quick…

Why are you the best mom in this world for your kids? Because I said so!

Just run with it! Look in the mirror and tell yourself that. Was that fun, or what? Believe in yourself and in your parenting capabilities. You’ve got this, mama!

So Who’s the Best Mom? Got It?

If you ever begin to question your qualifications as a mother, just read this again. Or look at your little one(s) and see for yourself. If you care enough to read this post about being a good mom, you’re obviously there. You care, and your heart is in it. That’s the most important thing in motherhood.

You are the best mom there could ever be for your children. You were made for each other!

Now go squeeze those little cheeks (if they’ll still let you), and don’t forget to subscribe to get more great mom encouragement and info!

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