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7 Essential Qualities of a Work-From-Home Mom

7 Essential Qualities of a Work-From-Home Mom

Have you considered becoming a work-from-home mom? It’s a great opportunity to get the best of both worlds: you can continue to grow as a businesswoman, and you can invest more time in your family. There is a delicate balance that must be maintained in order to be successful at both. It is certainly not for everyone, but it is very doable for those who have the essential qualities of a work-from-home mom. I quit my corporate job (of 11 years) over 2 years ago to begin a home-based business, and I have seen these qualities at work in my own experience. Let’s find out if being a work-from-home mom is a good fit for you.

If you want to become a work-from-home mom, here are the essential qualities necessary for success.

Why do You Want to Work From Home?

What is your motivation? That is one of the most important questions to ask yourself, in deciding whether or not you should work from home. Are you currently a stay-at-home mom who wants to begin making an income? Are you a corporate mom who wishes she had more flexibility and time to spend with her family? Do you need an extra source of income? Are you pregnant and can’t afford childcare, but also can’t afford to quit your job? What is the driving force behind your search for home-based work opportunities?

Why is that important? In a nutshell: if you are considering work-from-home opportunities grudgingly, you will likely burn out after a while. If you’re being pressured to add to the money pot, or your corporate job refuses to be flexible and leaves you with no other option, you’re basically being pushed into a corner. Sure, it’s possible to work from home under that type of pressure, but you certainly won’t be thriving while doing it, and you could quickly burn out or fail altogether.

On the other hand, if you are looking into work-from-home opportunities from a self-motivated position, you are far more likely to be a good candidate. You may simply want a challenge, or you’re looking for a social outlet. Perhaps you want more flexibility, or you just want to be your own boss. These are examples of self-motivated pursuit, and ladies with reasons along these lines are much more likely to succeed as work-from-home moms.

So ask yourself what your real motivation is for seeking work-from-home opportunities. And be honest!

The 7 Essential Qualities

There are 7 essential qualities of a work-from-home mom. Not only must you have all of the qualities of an entrepreneur, you must also have certain parenting qualities, since your children will be there with you while you work. Like I said, it’s a delicate balance. Let’s look at each quality in detail and find out why it is necessary.


That probably seems pretty obvious, but self-motivation is KEY to being able to work from home. Working in the corporate world is one thing. Even if you don’t have a micromanaging boss breathing down your neck throughout the day, you do eventually have to answer to an authority about your work progress.

Not so when working from home. You have no boss. No external motivator. It’s all you – YOU must do the motivating. If you have a blah day, you have to be able to push through and somehow inspire yourself to keep going with your tasks.


Ah, passion! It’s what drives you. You must have a passion for what you do (or plan to do) as a work-from-home mom. The business you are planning to build (or the company that you’re going to work for) MUST be something you’re passionate about. If you’re thinking about starting a blog, or a jewelry business, or a pet-sitting service, you better make sure you’re passionate about it. If you’re going to sell essential oils or books for a third party company, you better LOVE their products and be crazy about getting other people hooked on them.

Even the most highly motivated people can suffer seasons of burn-out and lack of will-power. It’s during those hard times that your passion will kick in and keep you going.


In order to be a successful work-from-home mom, you need to be competitive. It’s a dog-eat-dog world, whether you’re in a corporate setting or wearing your pajamas – there’s always going to be competition. The important thing is that you realize this and step up to the plate.

If you are someone who doesn’t like to lose, you will make sure your business doesn’t lose. You will do whatever it takes to stay ahead of your competition and win in your work.


Work from home mom qualities



Perseverance is hanging in there through the tough times. This is huge. If you are a person who gives up easily, you may not do well as a work-from-home mom.

How easily do you give up on small tasks? If you try something new and give up after the first try, you need some perseverance!

Home-based work has plenty of high and low points, and it takes perseverance to push through. Your passion is usually linked to your level of perseverance.

Time Management

Are you good at time management? You need to be if you want to be a work-from-home mom. You will be juggling house, family, and work (often at the same time), and you need to know how to properly manage your time to be successful.

Scheduling is key! You need a schedule more than ever, in order to keep yourself task-oriented and get things done.


Squirrel! ADD can be such a pain for a work-from-home mom! Are you able to focus, or do you constantly find yourself getting distracted by the proverbial squirrel?

It’s not a deal breaker by any means, but lack of focus can definitely require a lot of extra work and determination to make working from home manageable.

Work-Family Balance

Finding the proper work-family balance is a chore for any working individual who has children, but even more so if you are forced to balance them at the same time.

It is easy to get caught in the trap of being a present-but-absent parent, and this can be quite challenging. Being physically present does not meet your children’s needs. They also need you to be there emotionally and mentally.

If you are planning on becoming a work-from-home mom, you will have to be extra careful to make adjustments when necessary, in order to maintain a proper work-family balance. That may mean working late nights or early mornings, or recruiting part-time help with the children.

Let’s Recap

Now you should feel a bit more informed about what it takes to work from home.  Self-motivation, passion, competitiveness, perseverance, time management, focus, and work-family balance are 7 essential qualities of a work-from-home mom.

Do you already have what it takes? If not, don’t be discouraged. Find your weak spots and begin to work on those areas to improve your chances of being successful as a work-from-home mom.

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