Helping moms get the most out of their work-from-home experience

Helping moms get the most out of their work-from-home experience

The 4 Most Important Productivity Tips for Work-From-Home Moms

The 4 Most Important Productivity Tips for Work-From-Home Moms

The 4 Most Important Productivity Tips for Work-From-Home Moms

There are many things you can do to increase your productivity as a work-from-home mom. I’ve got all sorts of tips and tricks up my sleeve, but there are some that are absolute MUSTS. If you don’t have these as a foundation, it won’t matter how many other ways you try to increase your productivity. Let’s take a look at the 4 most important productivity tips for Work-From-Home moms.

Working from home can get crazy sometimes. Here are my 4 best productivity tips for work from home moms...

Increase productivity while you work from home with these great tips! Get more accomplished by...
Are you struggling to be more productive while working at home with your kids? Try these 4 essential productivity tips for work from home moms...
Do you struggle to be more productive while working with your little ones at home? These 4 productivity tips will make your work-from-home experience with young children go much smoother!


Struggling to be productive with little ones at home? Try these 4 essential productivity tips for work from home moms!

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This is basically non-negotiable. If you want to get ANYTHING accomplished with little ones around, you HAVE to get a head start on the day. Did I emphasize this point enough? If you miss this one, you may as well not read any further! You have GOT to tackle the mornings before you can expect to be productive with small children in the house.

“But I’m not a morning person!”

News flash: NEITHER AM I! I have never been a morning person. I LOATHE mornings. Morning people used to make me cringe (Sorry! Not anymore though!).  I have had to force myself to get up early and become motivated in the mornings, in order to gain control of the rest of my day. I thought it was something that could never be done, but I have proved that it is possible, no matter how much of a NON-morning person you may be!

If you struggle with mornings, I encourage you to check out THIS amazing online resource for Making Over Your Mornings.  It has completely transformed the way our home functions, and I can’t rave about it enough. It really is a game-changer.

Once you master the art of running your morning, instead of letting them run you, you will be able to do so much more with the rest of your day. It seems like a ridiculously simple principle, but it has major impacts on the rest of your day, week, and even long-term goals.

For some quick tips, check out my post on 10 Ways to Rock Your Morning. This post has some great information on getting up and getting energized in the mornings.

2)Fill Up Their Love Tanks

I’m sure you’ve heard this expression plenty of times if you’re already a mom. Fill up those little love tanks! We all have them, and they constantly need refilled. If you don’t spend quality time with your little ones when they first start their day, they will be begging for it until you do.

I know some moms are under a lot of pressure and strapped for time, but we have to remember what we are working for here! Yes we have to pay the bills, but more importantly, we have to care for our little ones.

Spend a chunk of quality time with your children as soon as they wake up in the mornings. When little ones feel loved and important, they are much more willing to play independently for short periods, and are much less whiny.

3)Create and Follow a Schedule

This is really important if you want to be productive. You can’t just wing it each day and hope to get everything accomplished on your to-do list. It doesn’t work. Following a set schedule makes everything run much smoother.

Figure out when your kids wake up, when they typically eat, when they nap, and when they go to sleep. If they don’t have a fairly normal routine, it’s time to start one. If they already do, form your schedule around theirs.

There is no exact science to creating a schedule. Just try different options, and see what works best for your family. Then right it down on paper and stick to it. Being organized and having a schedule gives you control over your day, instead of your day controlling you. This gives you the freedom to be much more productive.

4)Take Care of Mommy

It is really important to take care of YOU when you are trying to work and take care of your little ones at the same time. Make sure you are sleeping at least 6 hours a night (yes, I know this is hard with a newborn – been there…twice. And the second time, I was also dealing with a toddler who still woke twice each night!). If necessary, take a couple short naps, 20-25 minutes each, during the day.

Keep your energy level up. Light exercise can really help with this. I know you don’t have time for a workout, and that’s okay. Take a 15-20 minute walk each day with your little ones; then you don’t have to make time for an actual workout routine.

Try using maca powder or these highly-rated chia seeds to increase your energy level. They both work, and they are amazing. I use these daily, along with this energy tea. If you know of something else that REALLY works to boost energy levels, please share in the comments!

Eat well! I know, now I’m starting to sound like your mom! But you really have to take care of yourself in order to juggle two huge responsibilities at the same time. Follow the food pyramid, eating all of your food groups. Drink plenty of water. Leave out the bad: tons of refined sugars, caffeine, and junk food. It really does make a difference in your energy level and ability to focus.

Don’t forget to give yourself a chance to relax too. You are not a machine, so don’t treat yourself like one. Enjoy a little peace and quiet whenever you can. It may be after the kids go to bed, before they wake up, or some other time during the day when you have a helping hand. Whenever it is, just be sure to give yourself at least a few minutes to relax and refuel. The old statement is true: “When Mama ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy!” So make every effort to take good care of yourself.

Let’s Be More Productive!

Okay, now you know the essentials of being productive while working with little ones in the home. Start by waking up before your kids each day, so you have time to take care of yourself and get a head start on work. Fill up their little love tanks, and start following a set schedule. These are the 4 most important productivity tips for work-from-home moms. As you begin to implement them, you will see a drastic change in productivity, and in the overall atmosphere of your home.

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