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11 Ways to Get in a Better Mood RIGHT NOW

11 Ways to Get in a Better Mood RIGHT NOW

We all have bad days. Even the cheeriest of people can get in a bad mood under the right circumstances. So what should you do when a bad mood strikes? Let’s look at eleven ways to get in a better mood right now!

Looking for a quick solution to your bad mood? Try these practical tips to get in a better mood quickly!


1) Think Happy Thoughts

Yes, it may seem too simple, but it really does work. Think about the great time you had with a loved one recently, or something silly one of your kids did to make you laugh. Think about somewhere exciting that you would love to visit. Think about something sweet that you could do for someone you love, and how they would react. There is a lot of power in the mind, and choosing to think positive thoughts can improve your mood instantaneously.

2) Eat Chocolate

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You can find the nearest snack machine and grab a Twix, or eat a few pieces of high quality chocolate – whichever you prefer. If you struggle with frequent mood swings, it may be a good idea to keep some of your favorite chocolate bars on hand.

One of my favorites is THIS Lindt bar; it is sweet and savory, so it’s not overwhelming if you’re not in a mood for sweets.  Plus, if you choose dark chocolate, it is packed with antioxidants to help rid your body of toxins – added bonus!

3) Flip Through Photos

Do you have a “favorites” folder on your smartphone? Or a little album you carry around in your purse? Flip through some of your favorite photos for an instant mood boost. Here is one of my favorites:


Silly Mad Face


Hopefully, you either laughed out loud or said “awwww!” I have NO IDEA what that face was for, but my little guy has been extremely expressive since he was born. He was almost 2 weeks old here.

Sentimental photos are sure to make you smile as well. Whether they make you “awwww” or laugh, your photos are a great way to put you in a better mood right now!

4) Call a Friend

Or text a friend, at least. Reach out to someone you know who has a knack for putting you in a better mood. A quick phone call can turn your day around. 

5) Laugh

Wherever you are, I’m sure you can slip away for a few minutes (even if you have to escape to the restroom!) and watch a YouTube video on your smartphone. If you need help finding one, check out THIS video of twin baby girls fighting over a pacifier…it’s HILARIOUS!

Still not laughing? Check out this guy:



I promise you he is the sweetest, most precious little thing! He just has his moments, and his mean faces can be pretty killer and hilarious!

6) Take a Selfie

I actually chuckled just writing that, so hopefully you chuckled a bit reading it! But seriously, take a smiling selfie and see what happens. There have actually been studies performed on the effects of taking a smiling selfie, and it’s been proven that it boosts your mood, so try it.

7) Take a Walk

I know – you’re probably at work while you’re reading this, but try to take a quick walk. If you can get outside and walk, that’s even better. If not, take a few laps around Cubeland, or down the hallway. Just get up and moving for a few minutes, and you will feel your bad mood start to subside.

8) Smile

I know, it sounds pretty lame and simple, but putting on a happy face really does help. And if you have one nearby, smile at yourself in the mirror. Bigger. Nope, bigger! I don’t care if it sounds ridiculous – just do it and tell me if it didn’t work! After you give yourself a few silly grins in the mirror, you’ll probably end up laughing at yourself. Mood: enhanced.


9) Get it Out

Get out the bad feelings. If you need to type up a nasty-gram to vent your feelings, go for it. Just don’t hit “Send!” Write down your frustrations on a piece of paper, or talk to a trusted friend quickly about the situation. Whatever is bothering you, get it out so you can move on.

10) Listen to a Happy Song

Put your favorite tunes on, or look up a happy song on YouTube or iTunes. Upbeat and happy music is readily available if you don’t have your favorite CD on hand.

11) Do a Good Deed

Do a random good deed for someone. If you’re at work, buy a new-ish coworker a pop or coffee. Compliment someone. Help someone. If you’re at home, hug your loved ones. Just do something random for someone else, and it will automatically come back around to you by putting you in a better mood.

Feeling Better Now?

If you only tried one of these methods and it didn’t work, try the others! Sometimes it’s hard if we’re having a REALLY bad day, but try a few different methods listed here until you find the one that puts you in a better mood. I hope you’re smiling now!

What are some of your tricks for getting in a better mood quickly? Don’t keep them to yourself! Share in the comments so we can all try it, because who doesn’t want to be in a better mood right now?

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