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5 Ways to Entertain Your Toddler for Half an Hour

5 Ways to Entertain Your Toddler for Half an Hour

How many of you have searched endlessly for ways to entertain your toddler while you do some chores, only to find 5-minute fixes? Talk about a disappointment! We can all find ways to keep little ones occupied for a few minutes here and there, but what if you need to knock out a few chores, or write a rough draft of a blog post? Then you need some ideas to help entertain your toddler for 30 minutes or so…and I’ve got some!

Looking for ways to keep your little ones occupied while you get things done? Here are some tried and true ways to entertain your toddler for half an hour or so!

1) Poke-a-Dot Books

Whoever came up with these is a genius! These Poke-a-Dot books are almost like a book version of bubble wrap. Each page (including the cover) has clear bubble dots that pop when poked. Flip the page and you can poke them the opposite direction. Little fingers LOVE these books, and they will entertain your 1-2 year olds for half an hour while you get things done.

As a side note, they are great for older kids too, but may not hold their attentionĀ for quite as long.

Confession: The kids aren’t the only ones who play with these books!

2) Bubbles

I’m not talking about the kind of bubbles that you blow with a wand. I’m talking about a big bubble tub that your little ones will go nuts over!

Take a simple shallow container like THIS one put some bubble bath or baby shampoo in it. Fill it with water, and push the bubbles out of the way as they start to form. This will allow more bubbles to form quicker, and less water will be used.

When you have a nice big pile of bubbles, hold your forearm in front of the bubbles as you tip the container and drain out the water, leaving just bubbles behind.

It sounds simple, but your little ones will have a BLAST. They will give their cars a good wash, or play bath time with their dolls. Younger ones will simply get a kick out of smashing the bubbles and throwing them around.

It’s safe because there’s no water – just bubbles. And the mess is minimal. Dollar Tree sells tarps that are perfect for this type of activity for just $1. Cheap, clean, and long-lasting fun…what else could a mom ask for?

3) Latch Boards

I’m a huge Melissa & Doug fan because they have so many wonderful toys that truly hold the attention of little ones. These latch boards are awesome! Little fingers get carried away with this entertaining project. They open and close these latches over and over, and this can easily keep them busy for half an hour.

They are a bit pricey, but you can land a used one for pretty cheap, or make a busy board of your own with old door latches and a scrap piece of wood.

4) Baking Time

Your toddlers can’t really bake on their own, but they sure can have a lot of fun with some flour. Give them a bowl of flour, some empty bowls and spoons, andĀ measuring cups, and they will do the rest!

To keep the mess down, you can put them in a baby pool with the baking supplies, or lay out a tarp. They will have tons of fun scooping the flour and transferring it between the bowls and cups.

5) Toilet Paper

For less than a dollar, you can entertain your toddler for half an hour or better…with a roll of toilet paper. Depending on how messy your little one is, you may have more or less mess to clean up afterwards, but this will definitely keep them occupied for a while

Pull out your baby pool or put them in an empty tub (as long as you are nearby) and start unrolling the toilet paper so your toddler gets the idea. It won’t take them long to figure it out, and soon they will be unrolling the fluffy white paper and throwing it in the air.

How do You Entertain Your Toddler?

These are some great ways to entertain your toddler for 30 minutes or so while you get things done. There are plenty of other ways, but I tried to narrow this down to activities that don’t require direct supervision, since that would defeat the purpose. So how do you keep your toddlers entertained? Let me know in the comments!

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