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How to Be Productive as a Work-From-Home Mom

How to Be Productive as a Work-From-Home Mom

Working from home is a lot harder than some people think. If you’ve done it, you can vouch for that! It’s definitely a challenge to juggle house work, kids, and work all at the same time…and in the same place. So how do we do it? Patience, schedules, crazy multi-tasking and organizational skills, insider knowledge, and a few great products! Let me share with you the things that I can’t live without as a work-from-home mom. There’s no way I could even pretend to be productive without these!

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Working from home just got easier! Here are 5 products that make a work-from-home mom's life more manageable...

Products Can Make Work-from-Home Mom Life Easier

That may not immediately make sense, if you haven’t been working from home for long. I’ve been a work-from-home for over 2 years, and have found some things that make my life so much easier, and help me to be more productive. Whether it’s a time-saving gadget, a tension-easing tea, or a toy that entertains my toddler for more than half an hour, it makes working from home more doable. Here are the products that have made my work-from-home mom life possible.

1) Infant Optics Monitor

This is probably the one thing I would suggest above all else if you are a work-from-home mom. Having a high quality monitoring system is worth more than any dollar amount. And it’s not just for infants!

I use my Infant Optics Monitor EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. Whether I am working or not. I can lay my baby and my toddler down for a nap, walk away, and set the monitor next to my computer while I work. This allows me to watch them and do my work or chores.

It has a large enough screen that I can actually see what’s going on in the room, and the night vision is unbelievable. If the baby needs to go down for a nap, I can bring the monitor outside while my toddler plays in the back yard. If the kids are enjoying their (very limited) TV time, I can easily clean the bathroom, do some laundry, or write a quick blog post draft in my office, knowing that they are safe within my view.

The monitoring system is the one thing I absolutely could not live without. I honestly don’t know how moms survive without one! I’ve used several systems, and THIS is definitely my favorite.

2) A Quality Planner

If you have never used a planner before, now is a good time to start. Being organized and sticking to a schedule is essential for working from home.

I love this Erin Condren planner because it is so versatile…not to mention PRETTY! It has monthly, weekly, and daily (by the hour) sections, which allows super OCD moms like me to stay on schedule.

3) A Dependable Laptop

Seriously, I don’t know how I would be able to do what I do without my laptop. I paid less than $500 for THIS one, and it has an HD touch screen, 500 GB of storage, 8 GB of RAM, and great functionality.

With a laptop, you can incorporate your work into play time and other parts of your day. This allows you to be right there with your kids while you’re working.

4) My Handheld Cuisinart Combo

If you have a baby or a toddler, this device is a total life saver, not just a time saver! As a work-from-home mom, I don’t have time to make separate dishes for everyone’s needs, and I don’t have time to clean a million dishes either.

This small Cuisinart Combo is small enough to fit in my drawer with kitchen utensils, and it makes it possible for everyone to eat the same meal, no matter what is included – meat, grains, whole veggies, you name it.

How? Simple: I use the stick blender to puree a small bowl for my baby, and the small food processor extension (included!) to chop up a bowl for my toddler in less than 3 minutes. It literally takes about another 3 minutes to clean up the entire mess! I cannot tell you how much this tool has helped me.

5) A Standing Desk

I do work from my in-home office during parts of the day, simply to change up the scenery for the kids. There is a shelf of books and education toys in my office for them to play with. Some safe office supplies and “grown-up” things are included on the shelf, so my toddler can pretend to help Mommy work, which he obviously loves.

There is only problem: both of them can reach the pull-out drawers and the top of a normal sitting desk. It’s tough to get anything done when your baby is constantly trying to grab pens off your desk, then screaming when you tell him “no.”

Solution? A standing desk! Not only does it relieve back and neck pain from sitting for extended periods – it also keeps everything high enough that little hands can’t get to things while you’re working.

Work-from-Home Products

Working from home has been so much easier with the help of these 5 products. They don’t do my work for me, but they certainly make it possible for me to be a work-from-home mom. What are some items that make it easier for you to manage your work-from-home mom life? Let me know in the comments!

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