10 Simple Springtime Photo Backgrounds

10 Simple Springtime Photo Backgrounds

Let’s face it, sometimes we just have too much on our plate to schedule photo shoots for every occasion. You’ve been talking about getting professional photos done for the last three years, and it’s still on your to-do list. Well here are some simple springtime photo backgrounds that you can do at home, to help you get those great looking pictures without dragging the kids out.

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If you want to upgrade your photography skills, it may be time to look into purchasing an affordable entry level DSLR camera. Having a tripod on hand also helps, when you are trying to get your kids arranged in the photo and snap before they move! 

All of these springtime photo backgrounds can be done in less than 20 minutes, for under 20 bucks. So let’s get started!

Looking for cheap and easy DIY Springtime photo backgrounds this Easter? Here are some great ideas that mostly involve things you already have laying around your house!

1) Wrapping Paper or Fabric

It doesn’t get much easier than this. You can actually get some cute wrapping paper at the Dollar Tree. All you have to do is tape it to the wall and snap! This is one of my favorite DIY springtime photo backgrounds. The DIY Mommy shows you how she does it HERE.

DIY Photo Backdrops by The DIY Mommy

This is one that I recently used:

DIY Photo Backdrop

This paper is perfect for Easter!

2) Rain Clouds

If you’re looking for thematic springtime photo backgrounds, this one is perfect! April showers, right? It was so easy too. I cut clouds out of copy paper, and taped table scatters to the wall.

Kids Photo Backdrop

3) Easter Bunny Garland

How cute is this? You just need some paper, pom poms, a hole punch, yarn/twine, and tape. Here is the source.



4) Pennant Banners

Pennant banners aren’t just a home office decoration, ladies. They also make cute springtime photo backgrounds. I made this simple one from springtime scrapbook papers:

DIY Photo backdrop

Simply cut triangles out of scrapbook paper, fabric, card stock, or wrapping paper. Hole punch the top corners, and string them with some yarn or twine. Tape it to the wall, and voila!

5) Ribbon and Lace

I’m not a huge fan of the pink, but a pastel variety would be more my style. You can make this in about 15 minutes. Check out the tutorial HERE.

6) Springtime Flowers

This one seems like a lot, but it isn’t as difficult as you might think. And it really looks amazing! The originators used it for a New Year’s Eve party backdrop, but it is definitely springy.

DIY New Year's Eve Photo Booth

HERE is the tutorial. You can make the flower garland like the originators did, or you can just buy ready made flower garland for less than $10 through my link!

7) Rainbow

This adorable rainbow backdrop is perfect for a kids’ photo shoot! There is no tutorial, but HERE is where I got the photo. It’s just tulle and card stock, on a fabric backdrop. This is one of my favorite kids’ springtime photo backgrounds! You can get all the colors in a pack for about $15 right HERE

8) Streamers

A very simple backdrop can be made from streamers. Just tape them on the wall!

DIY springtime photo background


9) Balloons

Pastel balloons are the perfect springtime photo background. This is almost enough inspiration to get a helium tank! Here is the source. And you can get a dozen pastel balloons HERE for just over a buck!

10) Scrapbook Paper Collage

If you’re fresh out of other supplies for springtime photo backgrounds, you can always just slap some springy looking scrapbook papers on the wall. It makes a surprisingly quick and fashionable backdrop. 

DIY photo background

Check out this adorable Easter scrapbook paper set too! These designs would be so cute for an Easter background!

Springtime Photo Backgrounds

I hope this gives you some inspiration for a photo shoot. These springtime photo backgrounds are really easy to make on a small budget. Get creative – you could also use some of this adorable washi tape, yarn, decals, a striped sheet…whatever you have laying around! What other simple DIY springtime photo backgrounds can you think of? Let me know in the comments below. 

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