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Why Every Mom Should Start a Blog

Why Every Mom Should Start a Blog

Hi ladies! Wouldn’t it be great to make an extra $100 or so every month, without filling out tedious surveys or tracking your grocery receipts, or selling items on Craigslist? It’s been a crazy few months here, and I haven’t even touched my blog. So I just wanted to let everyone know this blog still exists, and I will be posting again on a regular basis. But the fact that my little known blog has continued to make money during my absence is exactly why every mom should start a blog!


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Still Making Money

Life has taken some unexpected turns, and I have recently relocated to the south, so it’s been a busy adjusting period. Finding new doctors and specialists for the boys, having to work outside the home for a few months, and dealing with the normal stresses of moving have all kept me from blogging lately. But I am anxious to get back into the groove, now that things are calming down a bit.

Also, I am happy to report that my blog has continued to bring in some extra money, even while I have been away. (This was the ultimate goal in the first place when I decided to start a blog: to make money by helping other mamas!) So for those of you who are still wondering if you should be blogging, the answer is absolutely yes! Even without touching my blog for the last 3 months, I have been making $60-$80 each month, just through Amazon Affiliates. That doesn’t include my other affiliates, which have also continued to bring in $25-$40 monthly.

Who doesn’t want an extra $100 or so each month, without lifting a finger? And that’s pocket change compared to what I could be making if I had been blogging more consistently prior to my absence. Now that we are all settled into our new life, I will be blogging on a much more regular basis and tracking my growth from here on out. I’m super excited, and will be sharing my progress with you!

Start Your Own Blog

This post contains affiliate links, which means I may make a small profit from any purchases you make through my links, with no additional cost to you. I only recommend products that I truly believe you’ll love and benefit from. Thanks for supporting another mom like you! 

The moral of the story is: you should start a blog. Whether it’s about food, mom life, or crochet, you can use it to make money while helping other moms like you. If you think you’re too busy, you’re not. Hop on over to my other post that tells a bit about how busy my life was when I decided to start a blog, and the resources I used to do so.

For those super busy moms, who don’t have big chunks of time, this eBook will make it possible for you to start a blog in a matter of minutes each day! It’s written by Suzi Whitford, an amazing mom blogger of 3, who breaks down the process into bite-sized chunks.

In a year from now, you will be wishing that you had been blogging all this time. If you’re on the fence about it, go ahead and take the leap. You can find some helpful resources on my Resources page…I try to keep things simple!

I am looking forward to reconnecting with you and blogging again, with a purpose and plan this time. So check back in soon and see what’s new! In the meantime, let me know if you have any questions about starting your own blog.

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