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How to Crush to Your Goals in 2018

How to Crush Your Goals in 2018

You’ve made your New Years resolutions, and you’re determined to actually carry them out this time. So how do you make that happen? Don’t fall off the bandwagon by February 1st. Let me show you how to break them down into bite-sized pieces so you can crush your goals in 2018!

You want to reach your goals, but you're making one big mistake that's holding you back. Find out how to crush your goals by making this one change.

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Why We Fail at Achieving Our Goals

I am NOT a dieter. I despise being confined to certain foods. Cheese, pasta, and coffee loaded with luxurious creamers are what make me function. Period. Don’t ask me to give them up. But I tried.

After two babies, I had gone up 3 sizes in pants, and was starting to get fed up with not fitting into my favorite clothes. So I decided to go on a diet. No creamy, dreamy lattes, no fettuccine, no cookies or cakes…just veggies, yogurt, and a nasty “detox” drink.

I was doing AMAZING…until about 11:30 am on the first day. No, seriously. I’m THAT bad. But I stuck it out almost 3 days before I gave up. My goal pants weren’t any looser, so I felt like I wasn’t making progress. And that was that – cross that goal off my list! Maybe some other year!

Can anyone else testify to being this wimpy on a goal? Ever?

Then it hit me – the reason we give up so easily, and never stick to our resolutions and reach our goals. It’s simple: we want instant gratification. We expect things to get results immediately.

It is so much easier to follow a plan if you are constantly rewarded along the way. We want to lose that weight TODAY. We want to save up that money by the end of the week. We want to reach our goals right now! The last thing anyone wants to do is keep drudging along, trying and trying, but not actually seeing the end result.

Enters the solution: break down your goals!

Baby Steps

In order to get to the end result, we have to have a plan. That plan needs to be broken down into baby steps, bite-sized pieces that we can easily chew. Don’t just expect to crush your goals magically – mark out a path that will take you straight there, and be realistic about it.



1) Quarterly Goals

Whatever your goal is, break it up into quarters. If you want to save $12,000 by the end of the year, you need to save $3,000 in the first quarter. If you want to lose 20 pounds, set a mini goal for 5 pounds by the end of March. If you’re trying to improve your relationship with your teenager, set reasonable quarterly goals – maybe you want to be able to have a cordial conversation with them by the end of the first quarter.

Follow this pattern for each of your goals, whether it is business, personal, financial, or something else. If you want to crush your goals, you have to break them up first!

2) Monthly Goals

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I don’t expect you to stick to your guns for 3 months without any gratification along the way. So let’s break it down some more. Divide up each of your quarterly marks into even smaller monthly goals.

Using the same examples from above, you would need to save $1000 each month, lose 1.5 – 2 pounds the first month, and maybe have your teen sitting at the dinner table by the end of the first month. But a month is still a long time to wait for feelings of progress.

Side note: pretty journals and planners always help me feel more motivated! I love the quote on the cover of this bullet journal; it makes me want to push through and accomplish all of my goals!

3) Weekly Goals

This step takes a little different turn. We aren’t really sectioning out our big goals into smaller pieces on this step; instead, we will think of ways that we can be working towards those monthly goals each week.

For example, if you are trying to save $1000 each month, think of some ways you can do that. You could cut down on eating out, shopping, coffee dates, and luxuries. You could also make extra money by walking a neighbor’s dog, selling items on eBay or at a garage sale, mowing some lawns, or getting a part time job. Some examples of weekly goals might be:

  • only eat out once per week
  • do one activity to earn extra money
  • spend no more than $20 on anything besides groceries, gas, or other set bills
  • no luxury foods this week (like those amazing $4 chocolate bars that you don’t really need!)

At the end of each week, you can already crush your goals, because they are bite-sized now. And each time you reach those little weekly goals, you’re getting the instant gratification you need, and actually feeling like you’ve accomplished something. This will help you work towards your end goals.

crush your goals

4) Daily goals

Maybe not all goals can be broken down into daily pieces, but all of mine sure can! There are little things I can do, or avoid doing, every day that will keep me on the right track.

If your goal is to improve your relationship with your teen or your spouse, make some tiny daily goals to hold yourself accountable to. Don’t be rude to them, try to engage in some type of small conversation about them, give them your full attention when they talk to you. At the end of the day, you can check those small things off your list and know that you are making progress. Every little bit counts, and gives you the momentum to keep moving forward.

Make it Visible

Hopefully you’re writing all of these big goals and baby steps down somewhere, and not just recording it in your head…because that’s bound to fail! After you’ve written it all down, and you have your plan laid out, put it somewhere that you’ll notice it.

You can use a pretty dry erase board and write your big goals on it, to keep the end product in mind. Or you can use one to write your daily checklists on, or watch your progress throughout the week.

Another great way to keep your goals in sight is to use colorful sticky notes…because, who doesn’t love sticky notes? (These come in adorable shapes!) Write each of your goals on a sticky note, and arrange them above your desk, or on your calendar (here’s a pretty one!).

If it’s going to be easier for you to just have a simple list, write down your long term and bite-sized goals on notebook paper, and pin it to the wall above your desk, or on your fridge – wherever you are going to see it most.

However you decide to display it, just make sure it is visible, so you will be seeing it every day. This will keep your goals fresh in your mind, and help you to feel little spurts of victory when you see items being checked off. The more you can see that you’ve accomplished, the more fuel you will have to keep working towards those resolutions.

Now, Go Crush Your Goals!

It doesn’t take too much time to sit down and break down your resolutions into smaller pieces. It will be worth it in the end when you see how much you’ve accomplished. With gratification along the way, you will doubtlessly crush your goals this year!

Do you have another great idea for sticking to your goals? Please share in the comments below! We would love to hear your ideas! And don’t forget to subscribe to stay posted on more great content!

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5 thoughts on “How to Crush to Your Goals in 2018

    1. I’m so glad you found it useful! It’s so easy to get sidetracked when we make such big and long-term goals, but easier to keep our vision when they are broken down!

  1. Amazing tips!! I so believe in breaking goals down – totally agree that it feels more rewarding and motivating, AND it’s just so much more manageable and doable (say goodbye to overwhelm LOL).

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