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The Biggest Pinterest Mistake You’re Probably Making

The Biggest Pinterest Mistake You’re Probably Making

Oh man, I didn't realize I was making the biggest Pinterest mistake ever, and that it was driving tons of traffic away from my blog! Ugh! This was an eye opener. Make sure you're not making this huge mistake on Pinterest too, and find out how to use Pinterest to drive more traffic to your blog.
Pinterest is one of the biggest traffic drivers for most bloggers today. Although it is considered a form of social media, it’s really just a visual search engine. You can type in a search on Google, like “aqua home decor” or “chicken tacos,” and you are guaranteed to see some Pinterest results near the top of the page. Since it is a great source for traffic, you definitely don’t want to make the biggest Pinterest mistake, which will drive all of that traffic away.

What you should be doing on Pinterest

Before we talk about mistakes, let’s see what you should be doing with your Pinterest account first. There are some key things to focus on, in order to drive traffic from Pinterest to you blog.

1) Use tall, pinnable images

Every single time you write a blog post, you need to include at least one tall, pinnable image. If you just pin a typical horizontal image from your blog post, it will get lost in the sea of tall pins in your viewers’ feeds.

Use large text and bold colors, that easily pop out. Red and pink are good colors to catch the eyes – so use one or two colored words along with your black or white text. Use colors that contrast, making it easy to distinguish the text from your background.

Make sure the images you pin from your blog are tall, pretty, and contain visible text, so they stand out when you’re scrolling. If no one sees your pin, they certainly won’t be saving it, much less clicking through.

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2) Check before your repin

You should always click through before you repin an image on Pinterest. Why? Because there are about 50 different images that I have seen, ranging from toddler activities to Bible study to email tips, with the caption “Spicy bacon wrapped chicken tenders…”

What?! Did you catch that? It’s click bait: using an image that people are interested in, to get more click-throughs on a completely unrelated article. And the bad part is that your boards will get dinged for having low quality pins like that.

Click bait isn’t the only problem either. Some pins don’t go to the right article. Sometimes you even get an error message when you click through to the website. All of these issues will cause your boards to be ranked lower in the Pinterest algorithm. So take 10 seconds to click through each pin before you repin it, just to make sure the article on the other side is what you were expecting.

Here’s a perfect example: this pin, which looks super helpful, has over 1000 repins. But go ahead and click on it. It’s a dead end. The original poster could have deleted it, or linked to a page that has been inactivated, or password protected. Whatever the case, it’s not doing us any good! Moral of the story: check before you repin!

Pinterest mistake

3) Use keywords in your pin descriptions

When you pin images from your blog, make sure you are including keywords in the descriptions. You can do this a couple different ways, and they are both pretty simple.

You can use the “alt text” box when you insert the image onto your blog post. This is the best way, because it is basically embedded into your image, and will automatically be displayed when you, or anyone else, pins it. Write an exciting description that is keyword rich, to attract eyes AND the web crawlers, thus bringing you more traffic.

The other way you can add keyword rich descriptions is by editing your pin in Pinterest. Tap the “edit” icon, and type in your description here. There are a couple problems with this method though. First, you may forget to edit it before you repin, and then your keyword rich description is left out. Second, when visitors pin it directly from your page, they will likely not edit the description, so only the default text will show. *sad face*

Either way, add some niche specific keywords to your pin descriptions, and this will help your pins to show up in more feeds and searches. Yay! More traffic!

The biggest Pinterest mistake

Now let’s talk about what not to do…the biggest Pinterest mistake that you don’t want to make…and it’s easier to miss than you might think. Here’s how it goes.

Pinning can be SO. MUCH. FUN. You can get great ideas for fashion, travel, and dinner all while looking for some email marketing tips. You may be scrolling through your feed for productivity hacks, and you see THAT dress. So you get distracted and pin it on your fashion board (so much for productivity!). Continue scrolling a bit, and you see some adorable bullet journal supplies. You can’t just pass up such a pretty image, so you save that one to your organization board. It’s close to dinner now, and your mouth is watering over that amazing new Keto casserole, so you pin that on on your recipes board.

So what’s wrong with that?

Well, it depends. If you’re a business blogger, those items are probably completely unrelated to your niche. And if you’re using Pinterest to drive traffic to your blog, you need to be using niche specific boards, and canning your personal interests. The biggest Pinterest mistake that so many users make is not separating their personal boards from their business boards. 

That doesn’t mean you can’t use Pinterest for your own personal interest (haha) if you’re using a business account. It just means that you don’t want everyone else seeing your personal pins. And that’s an easy fix! You can either “hide” boards that are unrelated to your blog or business, or archive them.

With the latest Pinterest algorithm, even hidden boards are considered when ranking your pins. So if you have a personal board that you don’t add new pins to very often, it is better to archive that board. If you just “hide” it, it will look like a low-activity board to Pinterest, and your whole account will suffer because of it.

On the other hand, if you have personal boards that you pin to regularly, it’s okay to simply keep those hidden, because the constant activity will keep them from dragging down your ranking. Capisce?

Now that you know how to avoid the biggest Pinterest mistake that most people tend to make, you are one big step closer to driving more traffic to your blog. If you want to get a LOT closer, get my free Pinterest cheat sheet to learn 20 ways I used Pinterest to get over 280K monthly views.


So tell me, what was your most unrelated Pinterest board before you cleaned up your profile? Tell me in the comments below. I’ll be honest: mine was called “Unicorn Everything!”

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2 thoughts on “The Biggest Pinterest Mistake You’re Probably Making

  1. I actually repin my personal stuff (recipes, etc.) with my business boards and it works out great for me.

    I make baby and adult clothing & accessories. Perhaps it’s because I’m a mom and a business owner, so mom’s would be my target audience?

    My blog is also uber popular and I don’t blog about one specific thing, I blog my recipes, small business tips, about my kids, etc.

    1. Thanks for your input, Livia. It sounds like you already have a huge following, so your loyal fans are visiting your blog and re-pinning your pins on a regular basis at this point – that in itself shows Pinterest (and other search engines) that your content is engaging, which helps you to rank higher on their platforms. For smaller blogs, and certainly for those just starting out, it’s pretty important to keep business and personal separate, unless the personal pins they are pinning are related to their business in some way. For instance, you said your audience is moms, and we all know that moms are interested in recipes and such, so that would be appropriate. 🙂

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