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The Pinning Strategy that got me over 400,000 Monthly Viewers

The Pinning Strategy that got me over 400,000 Monthly Viewers

Pinterest is by far my favorite platform for promoting my blog. I spent months upon months trying to figure out how to make pins go viral, get followers, and actually entice people to click through…ugh, the dreaded click-through! I tried scheduling, pinning manually, and combinations of both. Then it all started coming together, and my traffic absolutely exploded when I figured out my pinning strategy. Want to know how? Well, first let’s chat about what didn’t work (because that’s how bloggers roll, right?).

This super simple technique skyrocketed my Pinterest traffic! I was so impressed with how quickly it increased my blog traffic, and how many new Pinterest followers I gained. This is a super way to grow your online presence so you can make money blogging!

What Didn’t Work

1)Having too many unrelated boards

This is a problem that tons of new bloggers face. They already have a personal Pinterest account, so they just add boards related to their blog, without weeding out their 2-year-old Birthday Ideas board. If your blog is about planning kids’ birthdays, that’s great. Not so much if you’re a financial blogger, or if you write about fitness. Clean up your boards so your Pinterest account is consistent with your blog.

2)Only scheduling pins

Some people really have great success with this strategy, but I did not. I made board lists, rotated my pin schedules, and dabbled a bit in Tailwind Tribes. Those things did not make any big changes in my Pinterest success. Again, many bloggers swear by this technique, but it’s obviously not for everyone.

Tailwind Visual Marketing Suite

3)Going it alone

If you’re just pinning to your own boards endlessly, it’s going to take a loooong time to make any sort of impression on Pinterest. The only people who will see your pins are your immediate followers, unless one of your pins just happens to get chosen to be “recommended” for someone else in their Smart Feed. Even if you have a decent following, that’s just a fraction of the reach that you could have.

The pinning strategy that actually worked

It’s so simple. You have to go back to the basics, which is hard for some. Personally, I am not crazy about a lot of technology. I like my books – you know, the ones that have pages to flip, and that you can underline and highlight? I like printed photos, that go in frames. And I like to pin my own pins, instead of automating them.

That was the key for me: strict manual pinning. Don’t let that scare you either! It doesn’t require hours each day, like some people may think. If you want to see your traffic REALLY explode, start pinning manually, throughout the day. Just take 5-10 minutes a few times each day, and pin a handful of high quality pins to relevant boards, and watch your traffic quickly skyrocket. My monthly viewers went from 260K to 430K in a whopping 4 weeks!


As you can see, I did have a little dip at the beginning of April, but still maintaining around 400K monthly viewers – I’ll take it! That means 400,000 people are seeing my pins each month, which is pretty mind-blowing. You can see my March 2018 traffic chart below, showing the huge leap a bit closer. Just pinning manually a few times each day caused this crazy fast growth.

You can find out more about my exact pinning strategies by downloading my free Pinterest guide HERE




If you’re ready to increase your blog traffic like crazy, try this pinning strategy and let me know how it goes! Go ahead and subscribe while you’re here, to get the latest tips on blogging, boosting your traffic, and working from home. Happy pinning!

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