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Energize Your Morning Routine with 10 Insanely Simple Tips

Energize Your Morning Routine with 10 Insanely Simple Tips

One of the hardest things for many work from home moms is actually getting up before their kids. If you can conquer that one, you’ve got the day at your disposal! I am a night owl by nature, but these are some things that have really helped me establish a morning routine and feel energized at the start of the day.

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This is awesome! I have been looking for ways to boost my energy in the mornings and establish a simple morning routine. These are such easy ways to energize your morning and motivate you for the day!

1) Move your alarm

If you’re used to reaching over and hitting the snooze button, that’s the first thing you need to attack! Move your alarm to the other side of the room, so you actually have to get out of bed and walk over to turn it off. This simple change will keep you from snoozing too much, making yourself less willing to approach the morning.

2) Use essential oils

All the hype is totally worth it, because they really do work. While you’re reading, showering, or fixing a pot of coffee, turn on the diffuser with some invigorating scents to boost your mood and energy. This is a non-negotiable part of my morning routine. Try peppermint, thyme, lemon, or eucalyptus. These blends are pretty awesome too:

Eucalyptus & spearmint

Frankincense & pepperrmint

Grapefruit & lemon

Peppermint & rosemary

3) Try some energizing tea

Most of us are guilty of needing the coffee fix, but there are some really awesome energizing teas out there, that may actually make you hold the coffee in the mornings. These are a few of my favorites, and just smelling them perks me up!

Positive Energy

Oola Metabolism Boosting Tea

Twinings Earl Grey

4) Spice up your shower

A shower itself is a great way to prepare yourself for the day, but go ahead and make the most of it with some energizing scents. Using a minty body wash like this one will make your skin feel refreshed and wake you up at the same time. You can also diffuse your energizing essential oils while you’re in there. Or try out a massaging shower head; as relaxing as it is, it also awakens you by increasing your blood flow.

5) Make a to-do list at night

How is that supposed to help?! Well, believe it or not, planning out your day and having some small goals to look forward to will reduce your morning lag, and give you a motivational boost. Feeling prepared for the day is energizing in itself, because you can hit the ground running, instead of poking around feeling unmotivated. My morning routine starts the night before.

6) Eat a quick and energizing breakfast

Try out some new breakfast ideas. Add some berries or chia seeds to your Greek yogurt. Scramble some eggs with a frozen pepper & onion blend. Try out this amazing berry oat breakfast smoothie. Garnish your oatmeal with banana slices and walnuts. If you’re really feeling brave, you can go straight for the energizing citrus green smoothie. These are all simple breakfast ideas that won’t require more than a few extra minutes of your morning, and it will put a quick stop to the dragging feeling!

7) Read something motivational

You obviously don’t have time to sit down and read an entire book in the morning, but just reading a few motivational quotes or lines from a good book can be enough to put some pep in your step. I always start my mornings off with at least a few verses from the book of Psalms, if nothing else because it boosts my mood and helps me feel more equipped to face the day. Print out some of your favorite motivational lines and post them on your fridge, by your coffee pot, or wherever you will see them first thing in the morning.

8)Establish a morning routine

Routines are seriously amazing – not sure how anyone survives without them! When you get into a morning routine, it makes you feel more in control, more energized, and more motivated. Having a firm morning routine will make your mornings much smoother, and will take away the feeling of dread. If you seriously can’t see yourself conquering the mornings, check out this amazing book – it was a game changer for me!

9) Try a one song workout

Not 15-20 minutes. Likely, not even 5. Just long enough for your favorite upbeat song. Run in place, do some jumping jacks, jog around your kitchen, drop some squats, or just dance, while listening to a great song. Use your headphones if the rest of the house is asleep. Moving around for just a few minutes will get your blood pumping and tell your body to wake up. The added feeling of silliness will make you smile, and boost your mood too. 😉

10) Go to sleep

I know you’ve had a long day, and you just want to binge watch Netflix for 2 hours. But if you don’t get to sleep at a decent hour, you’re not going to feel like waking up tomorrow. Getting a solid night’s sleep is the best way to energize your morning. That doesn’t mean 8-10 hours either – I know that’s not even realistic for some of us. But go to sleep at the same time each night, and avoid staying up super late.

Take control of your mornings

You’ve got this, Mama! Mornings don’t have to be the dread of the century. Try some of these simple tips to start the day off on the right foot. The old saying is definitely true: “If Mama ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy!” So make sure you’re energized and ready to roll in the mornings. It may just rub off on the rest of your family! If not, it will at least make your day go smoother.

Got some more ideas for an energizing morning routine? Drop a comment below, so we can all learn your secret!

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