If you’re ready to make the most of your work-from-home life, but don’t know where to start, here are some great resources to get the ball rolling. I’ve rounded up the things you will need to start, grow, and monetize your blog; while keeping the little ones entertained and staying organized too. Feel free to contact me with any questions about these.

*This post contains affiliate links, which means I get a little commission on any purchase you make, at no extra cost to you…thanks for helping other moms like you! I will only recommend products and resources that I personally use and/or believe that you are going to love.

Start Your Own Blog

Blog By Number by Suzi Whitford: This eBook breaks down the process of starting a blog into tiny, bite-sized pieces that any busy mom can tackle.

Busy Moms Building by Monica Froese: A super eBook/course that walks you through a 12-step plan to begin your own blog or business. 

Building a Framework by Abby Lawson: This eBook walks you through everything from starting your blog to marketing and monetizing it.

SiteGround – Get web hosting for as low as $3.95/month, with 24/7 live chat!


Plugins That Make my Life Easier

Akismet – Protect your site from hackers and spammers

WP Edit – Change fonts and text sizes, add emojis, and more

Google Analytics – Track page views, visitors, and other site stats

Yoast SEO – This is a must for making posts visible to search engines

Inbound Pro – Set up landing pages and CTA’s in minutes with ready-made templates

WP Optimize – Clean up unwanted revisions and comments to keep your blog running smooth

BJ Lazy Load – Only loads images as the user scrolls, to save load time


Grow Your Blog or Business

Blog Beautiful by Marianne Manthey – A guide that includes 50 tips and instructions on how to make your blog beautiful and keep readers coming. 

Pinning Perfect – An awesome e-Course that teaches the essentials of pinning for business. 

17 Strategies I Used to Increase My Page Views by Lena Gott – Learn how this mom blogger went from 17K to 350K page views in 9 months…whoa!


Monetize Your Business

Building a Framework by Abby Lawson: Learn how to monetize your blog, along with the necessary email marketing and social media strategies.

Affiliate Marketing Secrets & Strategies by Katie Horner: A great course that teaches you how to best use affiliate links by serving your customers, create content, and start your own affiliate program with your products.

Simple eBook Creation Guide by Lena Gott – Learn how to write your own eBook  in simple steps.

Amazon Associates – Add links to your favorite products in your posts, and get a commission from any purchases that user makes within 24 hours from clicking your link. 


Organize Your Life and Business

The Simplified Planner – Emily Ley’s daily, weekly, and monthly planner all wrapped up in one.

Google Calendar – A free interactive calendar app for android and iPhone.

Free Blog Planner – A printable blog planner from A Well Crafted Party. 


Keep the Littles Busy While You Work

Poke-a-Dot Books – These things are awesome and will keep your babies/toddlers busy for half an hour or better!

Latch Boards – Little ones love figuring out how to open all the different latches on these things.

Peg Board Stacker – This isn’t your typical stacking toy – its’s based on a peg board so your toddler can make designs and towers at the same time. 

Mess-Free Secret Color Books – These books come with a water pen that reveals hidden pictures when your toddler colors on the pages…one of my favorites!